Lithuania is a small country but with a lot to offer. If you are “I-have-to-see-it-all” person you will need to spend here at least one week and it will be really busy one. On the other hand, don’t push yourself too much to visit each place from this list during your first trip to Lithuania. Just enjoy the moment!

Best places to visit in Lithuania

Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It is the city of many faces –  historical, poetic as well as modern. Take a stroll through narrow streets of Old Vilnius and discover a diversity which cannot be seen anywhere else. See how different cultures were influencing the architecture of capital of Lithuania and building a city once called “the Jerusalem of the North”.

Gediminas Hill is the place where the history of Vilnius began. A legend says that after prophetic dream Grand Duke of Lithuania – Gediminas, built on the hill unconquerable castle. Now the castle is a symbol of the capital city, moreover, it is the most recognizable place in all Lithuania.

Kaunas Devils Museum

This museum is one of its kind. Founder of a museum – painter Antanas Žmuidzinavičius got his first devil as a birthday gift more than 50 years ago and now this unique museum became a home for around 3 000 devils. Devils museum is situated a 5-minute walk from the most famous Kaunas pedestrian street – Liberty Avenue.

Moreover, this museum you can visit for free on Wednesdays (from October until May). I truly love this place and I’m visiting it as often as I can. Another key thing to remember is that Kaunas has a way more to offer than just a Devils Museum.

Cade Valley

Among many places to visit in Lithuania, you should pay extra attention to Cade Valley which is a place of an outstanding natural beauty. In other words – the view is just awesome! Cade Valley is located 30 km from Kaunas on the banks of the biggest Lithuanian river – Nemunas. Sadly you cannot reach the valley by public transport, but worth trying uber or CityBee.


Just for the record – this place is legend-aaary! Everyone who for the first time visiting Lithuania have to go to Trakai, see the castle on the water and try one of the best traditional Lithuanian food – kibinai. If you haven’t visited Trakai during your trip you cannot say that you’ve been in Lithuania. It just doesn’t count. Trakai is only 20 km away from the capital city, and not to mention that you can reach it by train for 2 euros only. To enjoy fully you should spend there 5-6 hours.

Curonian Spit

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Lithuania. Its natural beauty is unforgettable. In other words, stay there as long as you can and I’m 100% sure you will not want to leave this place. While visiting Curonian Spit you might encounter condors, dunes, and witches on one of the hills, but don’t be afraid. Unlike dunes, witches and condors are totally harmless. For instance, dunes can “walk” and “swallow” a house, not to mention, that they can do that even with small fishermen villages. But don’t worry, you are safe – dunes are very slow. They need at least a year to move 15 meters (50 feet).

Hill of Crosses

This majestic place is situated in northern Lithuania, 12 km (7,5 miles) from Šiauliai city. The first cross was left here about 200 years ago. Since then a number of crosses was growing and nowadays it is estimated at more than 100 000. It is a tradition that each pilgrim visiting this place leaves here a cross or a rosary.


Druskininkai is the oldest health resort in Lithuania however nowadays people are coming here mostly of two reasons – the biggest and most modern aqua park and the only winter sports complex open all year round in the Baltic States. Besides attractions mentioned above Druskininkai have a lot more to offer and are definitely one of the best places to visit in Lithuania. Here you can have the best SPA- day ever, you can travel by cable car and admire stunning views, don’t forget to collect magical water from the “Source of Beauty”, take a cruise to the “Island of Love” with a steamboat or visit “the saltiest place” in Lithuania.


Palanga is probably the most popular resort for summer holidays among Lithuanians. The beach with white sand makes it a perfect destination for those who like to enjoy sunbaths. While in Palanga, take a walk down the main boulevard, try the traditional fish soup and visit amber museum housed in 19th-century Tiškevičiai Palace, situated in a wonderful and peaceful park.


Let’s stay for a moment on the Baltic Sea coast. Klaipėda, located 30 km from Palanga, is the third biggest city in Lithuania. Once per year during The Sea Festival, this port city becomes a home for the greatest ships from all over the world. Festival takes place at the end of July or beginning of August. From Klaipėda, you can easily reach by ferry mentioned earlier Curonian Spit, as well as Sea Museum where you can swim with dolphins.

Map of the best places to visit in Lithuania

Hope you enjoyed the post and you found places you would like to visit in Lithuania. To that end, I prepared for you a print-ready map which you can add to your travel planner.Save