Vilnius is a capital of Lithuania and the biggest Lithuanian city. It is a great place to visit for a weekend city-break since it offers a huge variety of activities.

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Admiring the view from TV tower

The view from the height of almost 300 meters (1000 feet) is unforgettable. In case visiting the highest building in each country is on your bucket list you are in the right place – Television Tower is the tallest building in Lithuania, 8th in Europe and 26th in the world.

On the last floor of the television tower is a restaurant named Paukščių Takas ( Milky Way ). You can sit at the table, enjoy Lithuanian delicacies and admire the beautiful views. All the tables in the restaurant are located on a rotary terrace so you can see 360 panoramic view all the time. You will love it!

Relax in Vingis Park

Did you know that green color has good influence on stressed brain? The best of course works natural green color for instance trees, grass and plants. Are you a bit stressed? So it looks like a walk in a park would be a great solution, right?

Locals know one perfect place in Vilnius which is made purely to break away from the bustle of the city – Vingis Park.

As soon as you reach the Park you will know why everyone thinks that this is one of the best things to do in Vilnius. Moreover, Vingis is a perfect spot for a family picnic, meeting with friends or spending time actively.

Outdoor activities in Pavilniai Regional Park

Pavilniai Regional Park is the smallest one in Lithuania, nevertheless looks like a perfect area to visit and have a really active day outdoors. The top attractions are Pučkoriai Outcrop with outstanding view, The Belmont Mill complex and Liepkalnis Hill.

During winter time Liepkalnis becomes the most popular ski complex in the capital of Lithuania. In the other hand during summer you can enjoy summer sled, tubing, adventure park and waaaaaay more. I have to admit that those are my favorite things to do in Vilnius – try it out as well!

Visiting legendary Verkiai park

Probably you heard the story about iron wolf and Gediminas dream. Unless you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read it here: Lithuanian Legend of the founding of Vilnius: Iron Wolf.

The other legend says, that in Verkiai Park, in eagle’s nest, was found the greatest prophet of Lithuania – Lizdeika. So after he grown up, Lizdeika explained to Duke Gediminas the meaning of his dream about iron wolf.

As long as you decide to visit this place, you’re guaranteed to see wonderful panoramic view. You might not know, but Verkiai Park has a great view spot. After passing white palace on the left, go straight through the park. In the end of your path you will find stairs down, but don’t go there. Just turn a bit left and you will see a bench, sit down and just enjoy. If you come to Vilnius with your significant other, so go ahead and leave there a padlock as a symbol of your love.

Swimming in the Green Lakes

Supposing that you might want to see something extraordinary during trip to Lithuania this place will be it. Green lakes are really…. green. What’s more there is even six of them and in each one the water is naturally green. I promise it is not caused by paint or anything artificial. Green lakes are green thanks to high carbonate content so it is totally safe to swim there.

Keep in mind that Green Lakes are very popular destination among locals. Not only me thinking that it is one of the best things to do in Vilnius so prepare for crowd.

Taking a stroll in Japanese Garden

Obviously you are coming to Lithuania to see Lithuania, not Japan but… it’s beautiful there. Japanese Garden makes you feel like you are not in Lithuania anymore. All the trees, flowers and buildings they are all so exotic. Besides, the Japanese Garden is just a part of huge Vilnius University Botanical Garden. Just take your time and relax.

Since it is not easy to reach Botanical Garden using public transport, you can at least spend some time in Sakura Park in city center. Remember, the best moment to visit Sakura Park is the middle of May, as this is blooming time.

best places to visit in vilnius

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