Traditional Lithuanian Cuisine: Kūčiukai
traditional lithuanian cuisine kuciukai

Traditional Lithuanian kūčiukai must appear on the table during Christmas Eve. Below you will find a recipe for these crunchy, poppy delicacies. Ingredients: 500 g all-purpose wheat flour 200 ml of hot water 15 g of yeast (fresh) 50 g of poppy seeds 50 g of sugar 2 tablespoons of oil 1 teaspoon of salt Dough […]

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Lithuanian Gingerbread Cookies
traditional lithuanian gingerbread cookies

Lithuanian gingerbread cookies’ main ingredient is natural honey and that’s why here in Lithuania, they are called Meduoliai (Honey Cookies). After baking, they need about two weeks to become soft.  Below you will find a recipe for around 60 delicious, Lithuanian gingerbread cookies. Ingredients  200 g of all-purpose wheat flour 200 g whole wheat flour 3 medium eggs […]

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