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TripToLithuania.com is an online destination for those seeking the adventure in visiting Lithuania. Trip to Lithuania features travelling tips, accommodation and transportation advice, articles about Lithuanian products, cuisine & recipes, as well as articles on sightseeing, Lithuanian traditions, events and many more. That is what inspires us to create more and more new content every day...

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In order to help you enjoy to the fullest your trip to Lithuania and plan it with no stress we prepared offer for each type of traveller. Which one are you?
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If you already know everything about Lithuania just have a look on our latest blog posts below. We hope they will inspire you to see more than you planned.
Travelling to Lithuania for the first time might be stressful but not with a bit of our help. Just grab our Travel Guide (join the waiting list) and you will be ready for the best trip of your life in less than an hour.
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